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PlayhouseThe perfect hideaway

Your dream playhouse

Create your own play area now with a cheeky playhouse or a trendy stilt-house. There's no room for boredom in the fat FATMOOSE playhouses, you'll see. With our crisp designs and awesome sizes, we've got a Wendy house or stilt-house. for everyone. Take a look around – you'll be amazed!


Playhouses and stilt-houses from FATMOOSE

Just as special as our other play equipment: Playhouses and stilt-houses from FATMOOSE. No matter whether you choose the BeetleBox Bling XXL Wendy house, the fantastic PandaPark Pro XXL or the awesome HippoHouse Heavy XXL – or perhaps you prefer the tall FunFactory Fit XXL stilt-house or VanillaVilla Joy XXL stilt-house – there's huge fun to be had everywhere.

FATMOOSE Playhouses and FATMOOSE stilt-houses impress with their strong designs and high quality, and they're also really quick to build as we include simple and detailed instructions. Let's have some fat, new fun with FATMOOSE!

Open your own zoo – HippoHouse Heavy XXL

Have you always dreamt of running your own zoo? Live your dream with the HippoHouse Heavy XXL playhouse. Invite your friends round for an ice cream and show them your kingdom. The fat accessories and awesome FatTarp all-weather tarpaulin give the finishing touches to your playhouse. In true FATMOOSE style.

PandaPark Pro XXL – invite your friends

Use your FATMOOSE PandaPark Pro XXL wooden Wendy house for a meeting with your friends or – even cooler – open your own corner shop, ice cream parlour or even a street café, as each FATMOOSE playhouse has a fantastic sales window. So, what are you still waiting for? Become your own big boss or turn your garden playhouse into the coolest meeting point for your gang. Design the interior to your likings and desires and add even more coolness to the wooden playhouse.

BeetleBox Bling XXL Playhouse – totally wicked

Our BeetleBox Bling XXL playhouse is also absolutely perfect for small gardens! Here you'll have enough space to bring your own ideas to life and to play super-cool games. As with almost all playhouses, this model has a funky sales counter and a small window. Decorate the interior using your creative ideas and show your friends what you've got.

Great fun with a stilt-house

Our slide. Which of you is fastest? And don't forget the awesome shop front, of course. Sell your friends some tasty ice cream and cool lemonade. Only FATMOOSE can do all that!