Nature is the best playground,
and it's open year-round

Muddy hands, grass beneath the feet, discovering nature – At fatmoose, we believe that every child deserves the freedom to explore their surroundings in a safe play environment; that kids are playfully supported in their physical and mental development; and that each child is motivated to freely play outside no matter the weather. That is why we are dedicated to crafting natural play equipment so you can create a sanctuary for outdoor play right in your backyard.

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Play equipment
inspired by nature

Our commitment goes beyond play.
As a company that uses natural resources to craft our play equipment, we recognise it's not just about taking; it's about giving back to nature. That is why we understand the importance of creating a sustainable future for our children and want to do our part to preserve nature as their playground:

  • Carefully sourced materials

    Our play equipment predominantly features naturally grown wood, a material carefully chosen for its durability and quality. This ensures that our equipment not only stands the test of time but is also nature-friendly.

  • European origin

    We prioritize the quality and conscientious utilization of our wood, which is why we primarily obtain our timber from local woodlands located in the southeastern regions of Germany.

  • Childhood guarantee¹

    We have full confidence in the quality and durability of our wood, which is why we extend a 10-year guarantee¹ to all wooden components of climbing frames and swings designed for private use, ensuring that kids can play for years to come.

Our path towards a greener future

Just as nature unfolds and develops organically, so does our journey towards a greener future. Rooted in our commitment to the environment, our initiatives will continuously be adapted and improved to meet the evolving challenges and opportunities ahead. Since we believe that early connections with nature shape conscious behaviour, we are particularly keen to instil a profound understanding and care for the environment in children. Let’s create a habit of taking good care of the environment together.

Eco-friendly accessoires

We are working on exchanging our accessoires with alternetives made from biodegradable plastic.

Reducing our CO₂ footprint

We aim to focus on solar powered energy for our production site to reduce our emissions.

Creating environmental awarenesss

As a brand we want to kids to go outside and learn to care about nature to create environmental awareness early on.

Natural tarps

Our goal is to exchange the current plastic tarps with hemp fibre and other natural materials.

Waste reduction

We don't want our customers' disused climbing frame wood to go to waste but instead use it for upcycling and creating new products like flower boxes.

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