About us

From fatmoose with Love

fatmoose makes cool wooden products for the outdoors, from climbing frames to swings and sand pits. Here at fatmoose, everything we do is with love… for our customers, the design, the quality and, of course, for the wood.

Love for Customers

Everyday we ask ourselves: 'What do our customers expect of us?' We try to exceed your expectations, no matter whether it's delivery times, the quality or safety of our products, or our fat prices. We'll outdo ourselves for you.

Love for Design

We want to offer what you're looking for, and then a little bit fatter. We follow the latest trends so we can offer you the fattest products. This is lightning-fast as our developers are simply brilliant. You can see that from our cool fatmoose design.

Love for Quality

fatmoose uses only the best wood and the best accessories. Products developed and selected by fatmoose are thoroughly tested to ensure that they always meet the latest safety standards.

Love for Wood

Wood needs protection! Against fungus, rot, weather and mould. fatmoose therefore finishes its wood with a high-quality, water-repelling impregnation like that used in the professional sector (nurseries, schools). This naturally extends the life and safety of our climbing frames. Simply FAT.

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