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VanillaVilla Joy XXL

Play house with veranda and slide
Article number:
  • Dimensions: L344 x W325 cm
  • Platform height: 60 cm
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Wendy House VanillaVilla Joy XXL with SuperSwing

Here comes the trendy FATMOOSE VanillaVilla Joy XXL garden Wendy house you've been waiting for all this time. This children's Wendy house impresses with its cheeky, wonky design and its trendy slide. You'll reach the veranda with a stylish garden fence in no time via the climbing rungs.

The shop front of the multifunctional wooden Wendy house is a real eye-catcher. From this huge window, you'll be able to sell tasty cakes and colourful ice cream to your friends. Get this stunner for your garden now!

Fat FATMOOSE tips:
1.    Give your garden Wendy house the finishing touch of an awning and curtain with the washable FATMOOSE FatTarp tarpaulin.
2.    Hang the RingRing telephone and the SpecialSpy telescope on the Wendy house, and you'll be able to get in touch with your friends.
3.    Attach a SmartBoard blackboard to the house, and you can write all your shop's offers on it.

Product Details:

  • Easy-care, pressure-treated solid wood
  • Quality and safety tested – Made in Germany
  • Platform height 60 cm
  • Swing beam 9x9 cm and support beams 7x7 cm
  • Detailed instructions for easy assembly
  • 10-year warranty* on all wooden parts

Delivery Contents:

  • Wood package for XXL children's play house with swing
  • Play house on platform
  • Veranda with fence
  • Straight climbing ladder
  • Wave slide MultiGlider 116 cm
  • 2 SwingFix swing clamps
  • SmartCruiser baby swing
  • 2 MasterGrab safety handles
  • Two-part safety caps
  • 3 weatherproof FATMOOSE stickers
  • Instruction manual and all required fixings

We also recommend:

  • 8 Anchors for the assembly of the climbing frame
  • 12 SoftSafe safety mats as fall protection

Since wood is a natural product, its dimensions may change after drying or as a result of moisture absorption. Drilling some of the elements yourself helps to ensure an optimum accuracy of fit.

Weight: 250 kg

Age recommendation 1-3 years
For domestic use only under direct adult supervision
The indicated measurements and colours may vary slightly

* The advertised guarantee is valid for all wooden parts if you purchase our anchors at the same time. In any other case, the statutory guarantee will apply. Further information regarding the scope of the guarantee and its enforcement can be found in our guarantee declaration.


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FATMOOSE's anchors

FATMOOSE's recommendation
Anchor name SolidRoot SimpleRoot
Suitable posts ≤ 9x9 cm ≤ 9x9 cm
Suitable for all soil conditions    
Mounting on the inside possible**    
Quick and easy assembly    

Tips & Tricks

  1. Install the play tower and place it on the space designated. Please keep a safe distance in accordance with the installation instructions.
  2. Mark all post of the tower on the ground and dig frost-proof holes (Ø30 x T70 cm) into the soil.
  3. Place the play tower and install all the anchors, if possible on the hidden side.
  4. Support the anchor with stones or the play equipment with wooden wedges until the play tower is horizontal.
  5. Pour concrete up to about 10 cm below the surface. When the concrete is dry, the remaining hole can be filled with topsoil.

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Like every natural product, wood also has individual characteristics. Here you can find out more about the wood characteristics of our products.



  • Water is pressed into the wood through pressure impregnation
  • Due to the impregnation, painting is not necessary

The impregnation may cause the wood to be damp. It is therefore advisable to unpack it after arrival and let it dry for at least two days. Pre-drill the holes before inserting the screws. This minimises the risk of damaging the alloy of the screws.

Salt efflorescence

Salt efflorescence

  • Superficial white to brownish spots
  • Mixture of existing resin and ingredients of boiler pressure impregnation
  • Fades over time due to the weather

Strongly affected areas can be easily sanded!

Cracks and branches

Cracks and branches

  • Branches, grains and markers belong to the characteristics of the wood
  • Dry cracking is permitted according to DIN 4074

Cracks with ¼ of the length and ¼ of the width are statistically harmless!

Swelling and shrinking

Swelling and shrinking

  • Volume change due to moisture absorption/drying is typical of the wood
  • To ensure accurate assembly, not all wooden parts are pre-drilled due to wood movement

Unpack your wood directly and let it dry for at least 2 days!