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Climbing framePerfect fit for your garden

Wooden kids's climbing frame

We pay attention to the natural and sustainable cultivation of wood. In addition, wood needs a lot of love to ensure that it is protected against fungi, rot, weather, and mould. FATMOOSE, therefore, finishes its wood with a high-quality water-repellent impregnation, which is also used for commercial climbing frames (in nurseries, schools, etc.). This naturally increases the lifespan and safety of the climbing frame.


  1. Rating:
    JollyJim Air XXL
    • Dimensions: L240 x W260 cm
    • Double swing with 2 swing seats
    € 449,95 € 399,95
  2. Rating:
    JollyJack Star XXL
    • Dimensions: L313 x W390 cm
    • Square swing frame with platform and slide
    € 629,95 € 559,95
  3. Rating:
    CleverClimber Club XXL
    • Dimensions: L250 x W105 cm
    • Climbing frame for climbing, hanging and gymnastics
    € 769,95 € 699,95