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At FATMOOSE there's a fat selection of accessories. Design the climbing frame or swing of your dreams with our large selection of fun handles, climbing ropes, climbing stones and steering wheels, or go for a cool pair of binoculars. Even the slides are available in your favourite colour.



FATMOOSE Accessories

You’ll find some amazing accessories for your custom-designed playground tower here at FATMOOSE Accessories. You’re the king and you can choose between many vibrant colours, cool designs and various features. You’ll find the best quality in all of our gear: whether it’s boiler pressure-impregnated wood, stainless steel coating or our steering wheels and binoculars made of synthetic material – at FATMOOSE we defy wind and weather and guarantee you heaps of fun all year round.

You’ll find not only quality but also style here. Amazing colour combinations, high quality wood and groovy features ensure that your customised playground tower will find its place in your garden. There’s something here to suit every budget and size of garden, so you can celebrate huge parties with FATMOOSE.

Accessories and Protection

At FATMOOSE, for example, you’ll find accessories that include protection for your tower, such as our SandSeat sandbox with a hinged lid in various sizes, which like our SmartFoil sand protection sheet makes sure your sand always stays clean. Plus you can lay our SoftSafe L safety mat under your swing or climbing tower, for example, and you’ll find all kinds of floor, angle and ground anchors here.

You can climb some brilliant routes if you go for our GrabOn 5 via ferrata, which you can select by cool colours and the size of your hand. And if you want to aim high, our HangRing basketball hoop is just the thing for you. Plus with all these gadgets available you can keep your eye on things, as FATMOOSE has groovy DuoSpy XL binoculars, a SecretSpy periscope and even a SpecialsSpy telescope, with which you can move around everywhere together with our cool steering wheels in brilliant colours.

Of course everything is easy to install on your FATMOOSE tower. And if you want awesome swings, brilliant slides or similar, you’re in the right place at FATMOOSE.

Everything works here on the Back to the Basics principle, so you get casual, cool designs that can be set up quickly and easily.