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SandpitsCreative space for infinite fun

Giant sandcastles

Combine your swing or your climbing frame with one of our bombastic sandpits. Whether a stylish sandpit with a folding lid and benches or a simple wooden sandpit – at FATMOOSE there is something for everyone. Dig spectacular secret passages and build pompous palaces – your imagination knows no boundaries! The SmartProtect sand protection is a must too, as it will keep your sandpit free from roots and worms.



The FATMOOSE sandpits are a real big hit in terms of style and quality! Our big wooden sandpits are made of pressure-impregnated wood and always look trendy thanks to the modern design. In the cool FATMOOSE children’s sandpits, you have plenty of space and can discover bombastic features such as fold-down benches and comfortable backrests. If your big sandcastle is finally ready, you can sit back, relax and admire your work.

Do you want to build with your buddies too? Easy because, thanks to the wide benches in the SandSeat sandpit for children, all of you can sit relaxed in the sandpit. This sandpit with cover is not only super stylish, but also super smart: The benches can be folded in with a few moves and just like that your sandpit has a lid.

Accessories for sandpits

Keep it clean: For sandpits without a folding lid, you will find the matching sandpit cover here – to keep leaves, birds and cats out. Once the sandpit is covered, it can be used as a platform, bench, craft table or whatever you may need in your kingdom. For the climbing frames with sandpit MagicMarket Master XXL and MagicMonkey Ultra XXL, you will also find a sandpit cover here that fits perfectly. Thanks to the smart sand protector your sand remains clean because, once in place, you can be sure that no roots will find their way into your sandy treasure chest.

Let's go because you're here to buy an ultra-cool sandpit! At FATMOOSE you’ll definitely find the best model for your garden and your big adventure can start already.